• UpnpDiscoveryReply
  • UpnpDiscoveryReply Class

    Allows to handle UPnP discovery request in the network. More...

    Header: #include <UpnpDiscoveryReply>
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    Public Types

    enum UpnpDiscoveryReplyError { UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNoError, UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNotAvailable, UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNotEnabled, UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorResourceBusy }

    Public Functions

    UpnpDiscoveryReply(QObject * parent = nullptr)
    virtual ~UpnpDiscoveryReply()
    virtual QList<UpnpDeviceDescriptor> deviceDescriptors() const = 0
    virtual UpnpDiscoveryReplyError error() const = 0
    virtual bool isFinished() const = 0
    virtual QString searchTarget() const = 0
    virtual QString userAgent() const = 0


    void errorOccurred(const UpnpDiscoveryReplyError & error)
    void finished()

    Detailed Description

    Allows to handle UPnP discovery request in the network.

    See also UpnpDevice and UpnpDiscovery.

    Member Type Documentation

    enum UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReplyError

    UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNoError0The reply finished successfully.
    UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNotAvailable1The UpnpDiscovery HardwareResource is not available.
    UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorNotEnabled2The UpnpDiscovery HardwareResource is not enabled.
    UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReplyErrorResourceBusy3The UpnpDiscovery HardwareResource is currently busy.

    Member Function Documentation

    UpnpDiscoveryReply::UpnpDiscoveryReply(QObject * parent = nullptr)

    Construct a new UpnpDiscoveryReply with the given parent.

    [virtual] UpnpDiscoveryReply::~UpnpDiscoveryReply()

    The virtual destructor of the UpnpDiscoveryReply.

    [pure virtual] QList<UpnpDeviceDescriptor> UpnpDiscoveryReply::deviceDescriptors() const

    Returns the list of found UpnpDeviceDescriptors. This list will be empty if an error occurred.

    See also finished().

    [pure virtual] UpnpDiscoveryReplyError UpnpDiscoveryReply::error() const

    Returns the current error of this UpnpDiscoveryReply.

    See also UpnpDiscoveryReplyError.

    [signal] void UpnpDiscoveryReply::errorOccurred(const UpnpDiscoveryReplyError & error)

    This signal will be emitted once an UpnpDiscoveryReply error occurred.

    [signal] void UpnpDiscoveryReply::finished()

    This signal will be emitted once the UpnpDiscoveryReply is finished.

    [pure virtual] bool UpnpDiscoveryReply::isFinished() const

    Returns true if this UpnpDiscoveryReply is finished.

    See also UpnpDiscoveryReplyError.

    [pure virtual] QString UpnpDiscoveryReply::searchTarget() const

    Returns the search target which was used for this UpnpDiscovery request.

    See also UpnpDiscovery::discoverDevices().

    [pure virtual] QString UpnpDiscoveryReply::userAgent() const

    Returns the user agent which was used for this UpnpDiscovery request.

    See also UpnpDiscovery::discoverDevices().