• PluginTimerManager
  • PluginTimerManager Class

    The plugin timer manager for guh. More...

    Header: #include <PluginTimerManager>
    Inherits: HardwareResource
    Inherited By:

    Public Functions

    PluginTimerManager(QObject * parent = nullptr)
    virtual ~PluginTimerManager()
    virtual PluginTimer * registerTimer(int seconds = 60) = 0
    virtual void unregisterTimer(PluginTimer * timer = nullptr) = 0

    Additional Inherited Members

    Detailed Description

    The plugin timer manager for guh.

    The plugin timer manager allows to register and unregister generic timers for device plugins. In order to save resources the PluginTimerManager is responsible to schedule the timers appropriate and stop them if the HardwareResource gets disabled.

    You can find an example here.

    See also PluginTimer and HardwareResource.

    Member Function Documentation

    PluginTimerManager::PluginTimerManager(QObject * parent = nullptr)

    Constructs a PluginTimerManager with the given parent.

    [virtual] PluginTimerManager::~PluginTimerManager()

    The virtual destructor of the PluginTimerManager.

    [pure virtual] PluginTimer * PluginTimerManager::registerTimer(int seconds = 60)

    Registers a new PluginTimer with an interval of the given seconds parameter. Returns a new PluginTimer object.

    See also unregisterTimer().

    [pure virtual] void PluginTimerManager::unregisterTimer(PluginTimer * timer = nullptr)

    Unregisters the given timer. The PluginTimerManager will delete the object once the unregister process is complete.

    See also registerTimer().