• UpnpDiscoveryImplementation
  • UpnpDiscoveryImplementation Class


    Allows to detect UPnP devices in the network. More...

    Header: #include <UpnpDiscoveryImplementation>
    Inherits: UpnpDiscovery

    Public Functions

    UpnpDiscoveryImplementation(QNetworkAccessManager * networkAccessManager, QObject * parent = nullptr)

    Reimplemented Public Functions

    virtual bool available() const
    virtual UpnpDiscoveryReply * discoverDevices(const QString & searchTarget = "ssdp:all", const QString & userAgent = QString(), const int & timeout = 5000)
    virtual bool enabled() const
    virtual void sendToMulticast(const QByteArray & data)

    Public Slots

    bool disable()
    bool enable()

    Reimplemented Protected Functions

    virtual void setEnabled(bool enabled)

    Additional Inherited Members

    Detailed Description

    Allows to detect UPnP devices in the network.

    This resource allows plugins to discover UPnP devices in the network and receive notification messages. The resource will bind a UDP socket to the multicast on port 1900.

    The communication was implementet using following documentation: http://upnp.org/specs/arch/UPnP-arch-DeviceArchitecture-v1.1.pdf

    See also UpnpDevice and UpnpDeviceDescriptor.

    Member Function Documentation

    UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::UpnpDiscoveryImplementation(QNetworkAccessManager * networkAccessManager, QObject * parent = nullptr)

    Construct the hardware resource UpnpDiscoveryImplementation with the given parent.


    Destruct this UpnpDiscoveryImplementation object.

    [virtual] bool UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::available() const

    [slot] bool UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::disable()

    [virtual] UpnpDiscoveryReply * UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::discoverDevices(const QString & searchTarget = "ssdp:all", const QString & userAgent = QString(), const int & timeout = 5000)

    [slot] bool UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::enable()

    [virtual] bool UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::enabled() const

    See also setEnabled().

    [virtual] void UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::sendToMulticast(const QByteArray & data)

    Reimplemented from UpnpDiscovery::sendToMulticast().

    This method will be called to send the SSDP message data to the UPnP multicast.

    [virtual protected] void UpnpDiscoveryImplementation::setEnabled(bool enabled)

    See also enabled().