• NymeaApplication
  • NymeaApplication Class


    Application class of the nymea server. More...

    Header: #include <NymeaApplication>

    Public Functions

    NymeaApplication(int & argc, char ** argv)

    Detailed Description

    Application class of the nymea server.

    The NymeaApplication is a subclass of the {http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qcoreapplication.html}{QCoreApplication} and is responsable to catch system signals like SIGQUIT, SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGHUP, SIGSEGV. This class will provide a backtrace on a segmentation fault (SIGSEGV).

    See also NymeaService.

    Member Function Documentation

    NymeaApplication::NymeaApplication(int & argc, char ** argv)

    Constructs a NymeaApplication with the given argument count argc and argument vector argv.