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  • LogFilter Class


    Represents a filter to access the logging databse. More...

    Header: #include <LogFilter>

    Public Functions

    void addDeviceId(const DeviceId & deviceId)
    void addLoggingEventType(const Logging::LoggingEventType & eventType)
    void addLoggingLevel(const Logging::LoggingLevel & level)
    void addLoggingSource(const Logging::LoggingSource & source)
    void addTimeFilter(const QDateTime & startDate = QDateTime(), const QDateTime & endDate = QDateTime())
    void addTypeId(const QUuid & typeId)
    void addValue(const QString & value)
    QList<DeviceId> deviceIds() const
    bool isEmpty() const
    QList<Logging::LoggingEventType> loggingEventTypes() const
    QList<Logging::LoggingLevel> loggingLevels() const
    QList<Logging::LoggingSource> loggingSources() const
    QString queryString() const
    QList<QPair<QDateTime, QDateTime> > timeFilters() const
    QList<QUuid> typeIds() const
    QList<QString> values() const

    Detailed Description

    Represents a filter to access the logging databse.

    A LogFilter can be used to get LogEntries from the LogEngine matching a certain pattern.

    See also LogEngine, LogEntry, LogsResource, and LoggingHandler.

    Member Function Documentation


    Constructs a new LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addDeviceId(const DeviceId & deviceId)

    Add a new deviceId to this LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addLoggingEventType(const Logging::LoggingEventType & eventType)

    Add a new eventType to this LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addLoggingLevel(const Logging::LoggingLevel & level)

    Add a new level to this LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addLoggingSource(const Logging::LoggingSource & source)

    Add a new source to this LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addTimeFilter(const QDateTime & startDate = QDateTime(), const QDateTime & endDate = QDateTime())

    Add a new time filter with the given startDate and endDate.

    void LogFilter::addTypeId(const QUuid & typeId)

    Add a new typeId to this LogFilter.

    void LogFilter::addValue(const QString & value)

    Add a new value to this LogFilter.

    QList<DeviceId> LogFilter::deviceIds() const

    Returns the list of device id's from this LogFilter.

    bool LogFilter::isEmpty() const

    Returns true if this LogFilter is empty.

    QList<Logging::LoggingEventType> LogFilter::loggingEventTypes() const

    Returns the list of event types from this LogFilter.

    QList<Logging::LoggingLevel> LogFilter::loggingLevels() const

    Returns the list of logging levels from this LogFilter.

    QList<Logging::LoggingSource> LogFilter::loggingSources() const

    Returns the list of logging sources from this LogFilter.

    QString LogFilter::queryString() const

    Returns the database query string for this LogFilter.

    QList<QPair<QDateTime, QDateTime> > LogFilter::timeFilters() const

    Returns the list of time filters from this LogFilter.

    QList<QUuid> LogFilter::typeIds() const

    Returns the list of type id's from this LogFilter.

    QList<QString> LogFilter::values() const

    Returns the list of values from this LogFilter.